Jill is often inspired by crochet, and lace, and is drawn to ornate floral patterns and decorative architectural elements. She captures the sentiment of these inspirations, yet translates them in unique, contemporary, and understated ways. Jill creates each piece by hand using ethically sourced and traceable materials whenever possible. She use traditional metalsmithing techniques such as fabrication, casting, and enameling. She often chooses a matte finish and leaves hammer marks and marks of the handmade as visible attributes in the work.
At the bench
Jill's one of a kind sculptural art jewelry over the years has been informed by her female experience and how advertisements, popular culture, beauty products, and fashion trends portray what women need or want. Ornate mirror frames, tools used for beautification, faceted gems, and the human body, inspire the design of these objects. The surfaces of the work are often lace patterned and at times include actual crocheted elements. She includes crochet for it’s lacey, frilly appearance, her interest in the technique, but also because it’s historically viewed as a women’s skill. Color is incorporated primarily to reference human flesh, cosmetics, the body, and blood. Materials such as skin toned rubber and mirrors reference the human body, self-examination, and vanity. Other materials like pearls, gems, feathers, enamel, hair, silver, and gold are chosen for their aesthetic qualities, emotional resonance, preciousness, and value associations.

She aims for the work to be both beautiful and playful and at times even absurd or humorous; it addresses her own repulsion, frustration, and at the same time attraction to gender based expectations.