Care and Repairs

Jill Kathleen Designs are well crafted, handmade, and will last for generations with proper care. Most designs have a satin or matte finish and should not be polished with a polishing cloth or buffed with a buffing machine. If the satin finish has worn away Jill can re-finish the piece for you for a small fee. To clean your jewelry use a tooth brush, a small amount of mild dish soap, and warm water. We recommend that you remove your jewelry before swimming, applying lotions, or participating in any other activities where the jewelry may become damaged. 18K gold is durable, but also flexible and malleable. To avoid marring the finish or damaging the settings treat your jewelry with respect. If your jewelry is damaged, we will gladly repair it for a small fee. If there are gemstones in your jewelry the settings should be checked once a year by a professional jeweler (can be Jill Kathleen Designs).